How to Market Your Mobile Bar Business

Owning a mobile bar is a great way to make a name for yourself and cater to your passion for bartending at the same time. It gives you a chance to work for yourself and provide a service in your area that may not be widely available.

However, starting a mobile bar business is more than purchasing a beer trailer and sitting out where people can see you to come and buy a drink. For your business to grow, you will need to promote and market your services to those in need of what you can provide. 

We have researched the best ways for you to grow your mobile bar business. Read what we have found below to help you succeed in your new venture!

Promoting and Marketing Your Mobile Bar Business

There are many factors in marketing your mobile bar business. First, you will need to consider what promotion and marketing methods will work to focus on creating a customer base that works for the type of business you want.

What Can You Do to Promote Your Mobile Bars?

The goal of turning your hobby into a business venture will require having a consistent presence on social media and a fantastic website to attract a more extensive customer base. Having an online presence will also give your business legitimacy to help direct potential customers your way. 

Digital Marketing

Posting content and having regular updates will give customers something arresting to look at while browsing the internet to find a place to get some cold beer while having a night on the town, or those who are looking to have a mobile bar at their wedding, party, or event! 

It could be something as simple as good quality pictures from your phone featuring your selection of craft beers to professional shots of your special events trailer showcasing what you can bring to a party. A mixture of both is ideal for social media, keeping the slice-of-life stuff in your Instagram stories and livestreams, and using your professionally shot and edited pictures and video for standard posts.

Creating a social media profile across your website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts can also help you network with venues looking to have a mobile bar for their special event. For example, a party planner can be led to your online presence to schedule one of your draught trailers for guests to have cold beer on top or a refrigerated trailer to store cans of Miller Lite to hand out to guests.

Physical Marketing

Your online presence may bring a large portion of your potential business, but don’t forget good old-fashioned flyers! Handing out flyers at events or hanging them in high traffic areas could bring business your way to those who may not use social media or have even thought about having a mobile bar at their event before!

Plus, you can’t forget the oldest, most reliable promotion for businesses — word of mouth. A good, quality company will have a great word of mouth that travels fast and creates a more extensive customer base in your target market.

How Do You Determine Your Target Market?

A well-defined target market is essential to help compete against the larger and more established businesses in your area of expertise. Finding your niche requires some research and clever marketing to boot, but it’s the most fundamental step in getting your business the recognition and reputation it deserves.

Where Should You Start Looking for Your Target Market?

The best place to start narrowing down what kind of market you are looking for is your competition. Pay close attention to who their customers are and what they aren’t providing for the customer base you want. These opportunities can be the point of differentiation you need to make a name for yourself.

Conduct an overview of your business to see what benefits your business will bring to the table. This will help identify the people who will benefit from the services you can provide.

If you have issues focusing on a target audience, break down the specifics of who you want to provide a service for. These factors can include-

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Income
  • Ethnic background and culture
  • Marital and family status

What Do You Do With Target Market Information?

By understanding these demographics, you can now focus on what is essential in the lives of your target audience and how you can easily reach them. For example, a college fraternity may not be able to afford a beer trailer serving craft beer from local breweries in the area, but they might afford a draught trailer with Budweiser on tap.

You can also use the information to determine the best way to reach your potential customer base. For example, younger adults will more likely hear about you from social media, while flyers will reach older adults in local stores or word of mouth at an event they are attending. 

Knowing what drives your target audience and what benefits your service can provide will give you an idea of how large your customer base can be as well. Of course, your business plan can have more than one target audience as long as it doesn’t require you to compromise your brand in order to do so.

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