Mobile Bar Equipment Must-Haves

Mobile bars can be a great new business venture or a revenue-generating add-on to your existing food or entertainment business. If you’re already serving beer at your job, then it’s an effortless transition to add mobile truck sales.

You can enjoy all the flexibility that being mobile gives you — traveling to different cities and serving clients at a wide variety of events.

But it’s essential to consider the vital things that you’ll need if you want to succeed with your mobile bar. From planning to supplies to equipment, you want to make sure you know exactly what you need, and you can get set up before your first day.

At Triple B Trailers, we specialize in making mobile Draught Trailers of various sizes, and we’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to build a successful mobile bar business. We’re going to share the top mobile bar must-haves to get you started on the right foot.

1. Business License and Plan

Any good business will start with a plan. You’ll want answers to questions such as:

  • Who are your customers going to be?
  • What areas are you going to serve?
  • What beers are you going to serve?
  • What types of venues do you want to serve at?
  • Which events are you going to specialize in?

You will also want to check your local requirements for serving alcohol and running a mobile bar trailer. Make sure that you factor in your timelines to apply and get approved as well as any costs associated with obtaining your license and factor that into your plan.

2. Plan the Supplies You Need

There are a few day-to-day supplies that you need to make sure you have on hand if you want to run a successful mobile bar.

The Basics

The absolute essentials any good barkeep should have include:

  • Bottle Openers and Corkscrews — with plenty extra since they are so easy to misplace.
  • Chopping boards, knives, and picks for garnishes
  • If you’re serving more than beer, you’ll want to add cocktail shakers and stirring spoons
  • Glassware that aligns with the style you want to portray
  • Cleaning supplies, including rags and food-safe cleaner
  • Lights and extension cables for power
  • Recycling bins and waste bins that aren’t ugly
  • Ice, tongs, and ice buckets
  • Straws
  • A variety of garnishes
  • Fresh fruit for garnish
  • Pen and paper to take orders
  • Menus or signs that you can put on your trailer
  • Decorations that fit the style you’re going for
  • Marketing materials like business cards, a website, social media pages, and more
  • Rubber drip mats
  • Tin on Tin shakers are durable and make it easier to mix drinks

Next-Level Supplies

There are some supplies you can keep on hand if you want to level up your bar game. These include:

  • An ice stamp — these are made from an alloy that pulls energy away from your ice cube and imprints it with your design for an extra touch of flair.
  • A heat stamp — this nifty tool puts your brand on nearly every garnish you could imagine to give you an edge.
  • A bubble blaster — this fun gadget lets you create bubbles filled with smoke and aroma that can sit on top of a drink.
  • A citrus press — this is a must-have gadget in any bar that makes it simple to squeeze juice from fresh fruits.

3. Purchase Your Equipment

Every bar will need some crucial equipment to run well. It’s easy to skip over some of this and not realize what you need until it’s too late.

  • Payment system or till — this will allow you to take credit card payments or cash payments and make changes. Some systems also act as your inventory management system.
  • Fridges or buckets of ice to chill drinks so you can serve cold beers to your guests
  • Glasswasher(s) so you can clean glasses quickly
  • Keg and beer taps that enable you to serve fresh beer from any venue
  • A bar blender — your blender will give you the capability to make more complicated drinks like margaritas to daiquiris.
  • A juicer — instead of using drinks from bottles or boxes, you can quickly and easily turns them into freshly squeezed juice

Get Your Mobile Bar Trailer from Triple B

At Triple B Trailers, creating top-notch Draught Trailers is our specialty. We offer sizes ranging from 8’6” to 16’ long. You also have the option to let us customize an enclosed trailer to do whatever you’d like to do for your business.

Our trailers are made from a mig-welded steel tubing frame, with torsion axles, electric brakes, indoor and outdoor lighting, insulation, breakers, and rear-facing door if needed.

Contact us today to get a quote and see how we can help you take action on your bar dreams.