Mobile Beer Bar - What You Need to Start Your Mobile Bar Business

A mobile bar allows you the freedom to set up shop nearly anywhere you want and bring the party wherever you go. It’s the perfect business idea for you, and now you’ve found yourself ready to hit the ground running. 

However, before you book your first event, you need to do more than just register your business with the state. You need to plan and ensure all of your paperwork is done correctly so that you’re always in compliance with the law. 

Starting a mobile beer bar might sound daunting, but we’re here to help. Here is what you need to know to get started with your mobile bar business. 

What is a Mobile Beer Bar? 

A mobile beer bar is a bar that allows absolute flexibility in location. With a mobile bar, you can bring the amenities of a full-service bar to any potential venue. This is an excellent opportunity for clients looking for drinks to be served at outdoor parties and weddings as the party can be anywhere the client can fit the trailer. 

A considerable advantage is that moving a mobile bar is easy, allowing you to take multiple clients on a single weekend. It’s 100% legal and can be a fantastic business opportunity if you’re serious about it. 

To make it work, though, you need to make sure you’ve gotten all of the behind-the-scenes work finished. Here are some things you need to keep in mind as you prepare to open your mobile bar.

Have a Plan for Your Mobile Beer Bar Business

It might seem obvious, but the first step to any business venture is to have a plan. This plan needs to help you find many potential unknowns and come up with logical answers for them. 

Think about some of the costs of getting started: 

  • Are you going to need specific insurance? 
  • How much is the trailer going to cost? 
  • Do you have a vehicle that can pull the mobile bar? 

You then need to think about who your target audience is. Mobile bars can appeal to black-tie customers or the everyday college graduation party. Think about who you are targeting and what marketing materials would be best suited to spread the word about your business. 

Then, think about how you’re going to make money. This is a business, after all. 

  • Are you going to charge per drink? 
  • Or, are you going to charge a flat fee per event? 
  • What is your profit margin? 

These questions are likely some of the most tedious ones you’re going to face while setting up your business, but ensuring you have a solid business model set will ensure your project will be profitable. 

Get the Legal Work Done

You need to make sure your business is registered as an LLC or corporation. This means you aren’t personally liable in the case you’re sued. Starting an LLC isn’t expensive and can be done so long as you pay your state’s minimal LLC cost. You can even hire firms to help you with the registration process. 

Another topic to discuss is that you need to register for multiple different state and federal taxes before you can officially open. To register, you need an EIN, which is free through the IRS website. 

You’ll be responsible for taxes, which can vary depending on which business structure you choose. An LLC could be taxed as an “S corporation,” for example. We recommend reaching out to a tax specialist to help you out with understanding what taxes you need to pay. 

Get the Money Ready 

You’re going to want to have a dedicated business banking and credit account to protect your own personal assets if something goes wrong with your business. If your business is sued, you could find your own home, car, and valuables up for grabs. 

A business account can also make filing taxes significantly more manageable, which is excellent for both you and your tax team. 

Get the Necessary Permits

Finally, you’re going to need any necessary permits and licenses. Without them, you can face heavy fines or even see your business closed. Look into restrictions on zoning and any pertinent alcohol and tobacco laws. 

You want to make sure your business is set to function year after year, so ensure for every event, all permits are signed, documented, and ready to go. 

Find Your Brand Identity 

The final thing you need to do is to define your brand’s identity. Defining your business identity helps you stand out from the competition and help your clients recognize your name. 

Marketing is a crucial step of this. Network, talk to party planners and catering businesses, and get your name out there. Get social media going, and get a good and functional website. Having all of these things ready before you sign on to your first client will ensure your brand can hit the ground running. 

Triple B Has Your Mobile Bar Ready to Roll 

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